Porka Nostra is a collection of 9996 hand-made NFTs, right on the Solana Beach. Probably nothing. Every layer is individually designed by our visionary 20 years old artist, Andrei “Fine Hands” Del Cia. The Porka Nostra’s Wise Pigs were living in his mind and are finally brought to life by his magic fingers. The NFTs are unique, randomized out of 150+ attributes. There are specialties awaiting here too. Hierarchies, names and more. Be ready.


Porka Nostra is inspired by the organized crime clan Cosa Nostra, accompanied by crispy bacon garnish. The greedy pigs have now turned on the good side and are using their family connections to BUIDL.


The fine art is not the only smooth thing about the Porka Nostra’s NFTs. We are building utility, community and dApps. Every Porka Nostra holder will benefit out of these coming dApps. More than just a PFP. Utility baby!

The goal is to share knowledge, build, generate wealth for the greater good and bring together the greatest community. We like to create, experiment and bring to life the real utilities of NFTs.
We are families, we build, we share. #WGMI.


The Vault opens for everyone willing to be part of the Porka Families. Solacci is the first family to come out. There are 1666 spots for each family. Fair launch. No bonding curves.

Bitcoinese, Etherano, Avalancinni, Fantomana, El-Rondo will follow. Each family will be minted individually. Why? Because you can choose which family you’ll join, or maybe you’ll want to catch them all. Anyone that owns a NFT from every family becomes a Master Holder.

Master Holders will grant early access on the dApp. Airdrop of dApp token. Free mint of second generation NFT collection.




We’ll personally purchase and giveaway 100 devices (+internet connection) to children in need, once we are sold out. Due to the pandemic, the school classes switched to online, however, over 32% of Romanian children don’t have access to an electronic device. Is our duty to help as many children as possible to have access to information. School must be available for everyone. We will continue to help and educate as much as possible. This is just the beginning. 



A smooth, interactive Council Hall of the Porka Nostra DAO families awaits. Every holder will be able to track the Council members, delegate their DAO votes or express their vote on future proposals. The highest the family tier, the more your vote counts. Six families, six tiers. Don (6), Consigliere (12), Underboss (18), Capo (180), Soldier (1800), Associate (7980). Know your roots.


BUILDING ROME is the first web 3.0 dApp to be deployed by the Porka Nostra Labs.

Both individuals and businesses will be able to hold and participate in NFT raffles on the fast and secure Solana’s blockchain, using’s user friendly interface. Porka Nostra’s NFT hodlers are entitled to special treatment and rewards. Hierachy matters. A dedicated whitepaper for will be released. Open source. We build together.

The NFTs are here to stay.  Building never stops

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At the right time, a DAO system will be implemented to ensure a sustainable development of the Porka Nostra dApps, based on users’ needs.

The hustle never ends. The roadmap never ends. We’ll be here forever. #WAGMI




Dev 1

Andrei “Fine-hands” Delcea

The Artist

Raz “Brains” 



Messina “Bam-Bam” Melchiore


Bobo “The Lucky” Nucky

The PR Guy


The world has evolved and the crypto followers have joined, establishing families to fight the flawed economic and financial systems. The strategy is to build decentralization. Bring power back to the people.

The order was established by the Bitcoinese who claim to reign the lead arguing that they are the originals, the first cryptographers to pursue decentralization for the greater good.

However, time passed and the other families have emerged, observing the Bitcoinese weaknesses.

Etherano, Solacci, Avalancinni, Fantomana, El’Rondo, have all upgraded trying to solve the trilemma puzzle, an artifact that unlocks the knowledge and means to establish a new world order in the hands of the people.


Unfortunately, the families are forgetting what they are standing for and began to race against each other, dividing the communities instead of uniting them under a sole goal.

The families will be tested on a game theory basis, pushing them to cooperation and collaboration for the greatest cause. Freedom and decentralization.

Are the families going to work together to bring the Satoshi’s vision to life or will they fight for sole power? Did the world learn something or are we still greedy pigs looking for the biggest bite? Only time will tell. Until then, we are calling all the Wise Pigs to unite on the Solana Beach. It’s time to change the game. It’s time to BUIDL.

Be early, be ready, be wise!

Are you a WATCHER or a PLAYER?


The game has started !The Porka Nostra Council’s Discord is now open for everyone. 

Every new entrant must react with the pork nose emoji on the #be-wise channel to obtain the Associate role which grants them access to the other channels.






Six Families – 9996 Total NFTs 

· 1666 Solacci

· 1666 Bitcoinese

· 1666 Etherano

· 1666 Avalancinni

· 1666 Fantomana

· 1666 El-Rondo

Public sale: 0.33 SOL /MINT 

Be early. Be ready. Be wise

Are you a WATCHER or a PLAYER?